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Who Are We?

What is Kindred Youth Ministry?

At Kindred Youth Ministry, we hope to build a community of people dedicated to helping one another in the sacred work of ministering to young people.

We know youth ministry can be hard. We believe that youth ministry is incredibly important.

We want to be a meaningful part of your ministry, supporting you with an experience of community and resources like no where else. Here you will find thoughtful dialogue around the work of ministry to include biblical studies, spiritual formation, the intersection of youth & theology, and leadership development.

We are deeply committed to youth ministry, and we want to be for you in the struggle.

Our Vision for Kindred Youth Ministry

In the video below, we share our hope and vision for Kindred Youth Ministry.


At Kindred Youth Ministry, we focus our articles on four major topics.

Kindred Youth Ministry - 4 quadrants

What does Kindred mean?



  1. similar in kind; related.

These are your people… we care about youth ministry and we want to get behind what you are doing. We think you are amazing!

Who’s on staff at Kindred?

justinJustin Forbes

Director of Content

Justin serves as the director of the Youth Ministry program at Flagler College in St. Augustine, FL, has been involved in youth ministry since 1998 and is co-founder of Kindred Youth Ministry. His passion is teaching and mentoring youth ministers. Read more about the team here.

Kindred Youth Ministry - ZachZach Gurick

Director of Operations

Zach started in youth ministry in 2001 and has developed ministries for middle school, high school, and college aged students in cities throughout the state of Florida and is the co-founder of Kindred Youth Ministry. He loves to study theology, leadership development, and is especially interested in spiritual formation. Read more about the team here.

Kindred Youth Ministry - Barry HillBarry Hill

Director of Media & Ministry

For more than a decade, Barry has been partnering with churches, ministries and organizations to build digital communication strategies, tell better stories and nurture their communities. Barry has worked as a youth pastor for nearly two decades. Read more about the team here.

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Do this right now…

We know how crazy-busy the life of a youth pastor is. There are so many commitments you must deal with every day. These get in the way of what matters most in youth ministry — being present with kids, letting them know that we care about them and love them.

To help you with this, we created the free guide below: 11 Youth Ministry Hacks to Save Time for What Matters Most.

We asked youth ministers across the country for ways they’ve been able to “hack” the work of youth ministry in order to spend more time on what matters most.

Here are a few of the things you’ll learn in this free guide:

  • How one youth pastor became 30% more productive with a single tool
  • A mental framework that will allow you to accomplish more by doing fewer tasks
  • Strategies for getting the word out to parents, kids, and volunteers – across email, text, social, and more

We’re making this guide completely free – just click the button below and enter your email address, and you’ll be reading within a minute.

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11 Youth Ministry Hacks