Cosmic Adventure through Science and Faith

We live in a time of experts.  Most of us have very little idea how most of the essential things in our world actually work.  I’m right now typing these words on a computer and I have no real sense of how it works, no clue what really is inside this machine.  I know it […]

I’ve Seen a Thing or Two,
Exploding Stars, Dead Dinosaurs, and Zombies

“We know a thing or two, because we’ve seen a thing or two.” This is the tag line of what I believe is one of the most effective marketing campaigns over the last year. A veteran State Farm representative always delivers the line after highlighting an interesting, almost unbelievable story of a mishap that State […]

What About the Dinosaurs?
Questions of Faith & Science

Each year my wife and I lead membership classes at the church where we serve as pastors. This past year we had a twelve-year-old boy ask about as earnest a question as I’ve ever heard in any study, class, group, or program. He asked, “But what about the dinosaurs?” As he continued talking, it became […]

Sex, Love, and Science:
Let’s Talk About Talking About Science

Sexy Time “So what should I say?” I felt like a real jerk. I was hosting a discussion for parents trying to think Christianly about sex and their teenage kids. After about an hour of convincing these parents they needed to talk with their kids about sex, Melissa raised her hands and in an act […]

Science, Youth Ministry, and Prayer

Recently Andy Root wrote Exploding Stars, Dead Dinosaurs, and Zombies: Youth Ministry in the Age of Science, an interesting and timely addition to an ongoing conversation surrounding the relationship between faith and science.  Root’s charge to us in youth ministry is simple: we stay silent on this contested relationship to our own peril.  Kids have […]

Sleep, Science, and Sabbath

In 1965 seventeen-year-old Randy Gardner set a world record by going without sleep for eleven days.  Though others have attempted and claimed to accomplish similar feats since Gardner, Gardner’s case stands out because of Gardner’s youth and because of the extent to which his condition was monitored throughout his sleeplessness. Among those keeping watch was […]

Encouraging Curiosity in our Youth

“Rachael, can I ask you a question?” I looked up to see Michael standing there wearing a look somewhere between concerned and curious. All the other high school kids had left youth group for the evening and Michael was not usually one to stay behind. “Of course, Michael. Of course, you can ask me a […]

Communities, Mission, and a Shared Table

Growing up, the table was always a big deal in my house. We rarely missed dinner together around the table. My parents, usually my mom, cooked a meal while the rest of us set the table and prepared for the food about to be shared. My friends got to experience this sacred time as we […]

From Fear to Hope:
A Shepherd’s Prayer

Why me, O God? Why me? Of all the people and of all the places you could have chosen to appear, why did you come to me, tending my sheep, way out in the middle of nowhere? Why should I, a lowly shepherd, have been given the high privilege of a heavenly visitation? Why should […]

From Fear to Hope: The Yuck of Youth Ministry

What If We’re Wrong? One of the most generous, most visionary, most loving, and most successful people I know in ministry has a recurring fear. Every time the ministry is about to launch something, even if it’s just launching the Sunday School year for the hundredth time, she has nightmares that no one will show […]