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Letting the Bible Read You

There’s this interesting story in the book of Luke that we can easily gloss over. In chapter 18, Jesus tells a short parable about a tax collector and a Pharisee. In the context of first century Israel, the Pharisee is part of the religious elite and the tax collector is a Jewish traitor, working for […]

Worst Youth Pastor Ever

I used to think I was the worst youth pastor ever. When I was a young youth worker, fresh out of college, a small church took a chance and hired me as their Director of Youth Ministry. But about two years into the job, I started to feel burnout. I began to feel like I […]

4 Ways to Prepare Your Youth Ministry for Fall

It’s August, which means we’re wrapping up summer and staring Fall straight in the face. Summer mission trips have wrapped up so now parents are asking you when the ski retreat is going to be and when weekly youth group is starting up. Hopefully you worked ahead and have all of this done already, but […]

Youth Ministry Games: Do We Need Them?

“Keep the games. Youth in Hong Kong need to play.” This was the first advice I received from Dale, one of my parents-volunteers, as we were chatting over a plate of sushi about my arrival as the new Youth Director. It was a few weeks ago in Lai Kwan Fung, one the busiest neighborhoods in […]

VIDEO: All Signs Point To?
Identifying Teens Prior to Crisis

In this video, Emily Edwards presents All Signs Point To? – Identifying Teens Prior to Crisis. Emily currently serves as the Director of Youth and Education Ministries at Coronado Community UMC and has worked in student ministry for nine years. Emily also works with individuals (ages 6 and older), couples, and families as a therapist (Registered Clinical Social […]

Confessions of a Youth Ministy Veteran

I’ve been a youth minister now for ten years. A decade—wow, that feels like a long time! I was at one church for eight years, and now I’ve just completed my second year at a new church. As I look back at ten years in ministry, there are too many moments of grace to count and […]

The “If Only…” Game in Youth Ministry

Recently I caught up with my friend, a youth pastor, who told me about one of the volunteers at his church. In a moment of frustration, the volunteer confided to my friend, “If only we had a Dave at our church!” Dave worked for another church, and has a reputation of taking charge of his […]

Youth Ministry in a Post-Christian World

Two Corinthians In the 2016 presidential primary race Donald Trump bungled the name of a book of the Bible. I heard the story over the radio in my car. It began with the quote “Two Corinthians 3:17…that’s the whole ball game…” I was alone and I laughed out loud. The follow-up to the story was an […]

My Three Worst Moments in Youth Ministry

I have done many, many stupid things. I have said things that were foolish; I have misquoted and poorly paraphrased Scripture. I have been a cold-hearted jerk and a sarcastic bully. I led 18 years olds when I was 19 years old. I have broken things—many things. I have neglected volunteers and ignored sensible advice […]